Kick ass cook out foods!

It’s almost that time of year again for the annual cook outs to begin. The best summer days are spent with the whole family and neighborhood coming together to have some relaxing fun and eating delicious summer foods. Here are some healthy tips and alternatives for those people who can’t resist a good cheeseburger or ice cream sandwich on a hot summer day, but want to watch their calorie intake.

These 4 simple swaps will have your mouth watering and your stomachs screaming without having to loosen your belt by the end of the day!

  1. Replace a regular cheeseburger with a bison burger. To put into perspective, an average loaded cheeseburger at a cookout comes out to about 780 calories. With the bison burger, there is lower fat and calories, which reduces the calorie intake to around 430 calories. Besides meat lovers, there is also the option of veggie and turkey burgers which both are much healthier choices than regular fatty meats.
  2. ReplaUnknown.jpegce creamy potato salad with lighter dressings and more veggies. The high amounts of mayonnaise and scarce amounts of veggies calculate to about 360 calories for a cup of potato salad. With the healthy substitutes, such as a vinaigrette, fresh veggies and different type of potatoes, your calorie intake can reduce to about 115.
  3. Replace ribs with lean pork. A rack of ribs contain almost 900 calories. That is crazy! Swapping the ribs for lean pork offers more nutrients and a lesser calorie intake for the people who can’t give up the feeling of what meat gives them.
  4. Replace the ice cream sandwiches and sundaes for a delicious fruit platter with chocolate assortments to dip it in. Ice cream racks up the calories and can even get up to almost 1,000 calories if you eat enough of it (which we all know everyone could…), but this fruit and chocolate substitute is a great way to stay healthy but also tame your sweet tooth. berry-cheese-flag.jpg

Enjoy these healthy and lower calorie intake swaps for all your favorite cook out foods! Remember, trying to eat healthy during a fun time like a cook out in the middle of summer is tricky, but if you eat healthy you can always give yourself a little reward for doing so good throughout the day.



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