Fuel, Punish, Reward.

Working out becomes an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. Learning how to eat right, before and after a workout, will keep your body in tip top shape. What you eat before you workout is very important. You need energy, but also should feel full enough so you’re not hungry ten minutes into the workout. Here are some hearty, but healthy, foods to eat before you start your vigorous workout!

Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and bananas:PB.jpg

This combination of carbs will help you keep a steady workout going. The combination of fruit and wheat bread is also easy to digest so you can’t feel your food bouncing around in your stomach. The carbs from fruit will give you an extra kick of energy while the wheat toast keeps you going. 


A hearty smoothie filled with fruits, yogurt and maybe some nutty granola will help your body to stay amped up. The protein from the granola and fruit will give you plenty of energy and help your body to Unknown.jpegdigest. It is also a light consistency so it won’t bother you while working out. 


After working out, my hunger and cravings start to kick in. I don’t know if that’s just me, but once I get hungry after a vigorous working, nothing is stopping me from getting to that fridge or cabinet. Instead of grabbing something unhealthy or fattening, grab something on the healthier side, but something that is also filling! Here are some healthy, but yummy foods to eat once that insane hunger kicks in after a good workout. 

Omelet with Avocado:

Omelets are full of protein and avocado helps to jump start your metabolism. Having a quick metabolism rate helps keep your body fit and slim. Omelets are easy to make, and you can put anything your heart desires in it. Omelets also help you control the amount of8275.jpeg food you’re consuming because even though you can put anything you want in it, you have to be able to fit it all in there. Portion size is very important when trying to eat healthy and stay fit. Try this delicious omelet with avocado in it. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Chocolate Milk:

Drinking cholocate milk after a workout may not seem like a good idea, but believe me, it is. Chocolate milk helps your body to recover after a heavy workout. On top of getting plenty of fluids, there are also essential carbohydrates and proteins in the chocolate milk. A study was done to show that it actually hydrates more efficiently than Gatorade! Can you believe that? Also, tons calcium is packed in even one cup of chocolate milk, so start your drinking. Unknown-1.jpeg

I hope you can take away some good healthy foods and drinks to consume after a full workout and feel good about your body during and after your workout. A good trick can be to motivate yourself to workout by thinking of the yummy rewards you give yourself after you punish your body with a workout. Being healthy doesn’t have to be yucky or hard! Try these new ideas and see a difference fast! 



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